Capto Undercuff V2 Glove


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Your favorite snowmobile glove just got even better. The Capto Undercuff V2 builds on the foundation laid by the original TOBE Capto Undercuff glove. It has the same 45,000mm Sympatex® membrane found in all of our 2.0 Series outerwear, plus 40 grams of Thinsulate ™ insulation added to the top of the hand. This makes the Capto Undercuff V2 100% waterproof and windproof, while maximizing grip by removing bulk from the palm. The Capto Undercuff V2 also has leather added to the top of the hand for added durability and comfort. This snowmobile glove seals to the wrist to fit under the wrist of any jacket or mono suit. The removable elastic wrist leash will keep the gloves close and safe from the snow when you need to take them off in the backcountry.